Who We Are

There are a precious few times through out the year where people are as excited as they are when they view your presentations. You guys are changing the culture here in a good way. People ask for you buy name.
— Industry Leader, Process and Coatings

Providing Solutions for Over 50 Years

Dennis Andes Inc., full-service design firm, commercial art studio, in business for over 50 years. Just the facts don’t say nearly enough. To be in business, non-stop for 50 years by any standard is an enormous accomplishment. It means we’ve effectively provided solutions to problems over and over again, year after year, even as the world has dramatically changed…several times.

Why have we thrived? We believe it’s because our vision dictates our taking care of you and all our clients. We understand the designs you show are often make or break. We understand the designs can mean your putting food on the table or going hungry. We understand you often only get one shot to make a good impression, to get it right.

And so we believe in shooting straight, speaking up when we know from experience a spec sheet is wrong or an unformed idea won’t translate. Still, we don’t give up. We believe in finding a solution that will ultimately work for everyone. Something refreshing and surprising, that brings shoppers into the store for a great experience. And we stay true to good design without espousing a particular look or style. Again, the focus is on what you want to accomplish.

Let’s talk. To see if our experience and expertise are a good fit for you.


Where creative meets the objective.